Anxious to get into a new Maserati lease? There are a few decisions you need to make before you can drive that gorgeous vehicle home. We’ve developed a Maserati leasing guide at Maserati of St. Petersburg to help you prepare.

How Does a Lease Work?

When you lease a vehicle, you are essentially signing on for a long-term rental. You agree to a predetermined term – typically two or three years – when you sign your lease.

Then, you’ll make monthly payments to your lessor over the course of your lease, until it’s time to return your vehicle.

How Much Does a Lease Cost?

One of the biggest perks of leasing a vehicle is the savings. You can lease a new vehicle much more affordably than purchasing one outright. To determine the cost, we start with the vehicle’s sale price.

Then, we determine an estimate of its trade-in value at the end of your lease. That difference is the amount you are responsible for during your lease. It will also include added fees and taxes.

What Do I Do When the Lease is Over?

Another major perk of a Maserati lease is convenience. There’s no selling hassle involved with a lease. Once your term is over, you simply return the vehicle to our dealership.

At that time, you can opt to purchase your vehicle in full or you can decide to sign up for a new lease to continuously upgrade to the latest models, designs, and technology.

We’re happy to help walk you through the financing process at our Maserati finance center near St. Petersburg, FL. Stop in and chat with our financial experts anytime – we’d love to get you into a new Maserati lease today!