We hope you’re enjoying your new Maserati Levante! In order to keep it running like-new, it’s important to schedule routine Maserati Levante service at Maserati of St. Petersburg.

Ideal Maintenance Schedule

Your owner’s manual contains a guide for your ideal maintenance schedule. It should indicate which service tasks you need to complete every year or every 12,500 miles (whichever comes first).  

  • 1st interval – replace engine oil and filter, inspect other fluid levels, parts, and tires
  • 2nd interval – 1st interval tasks, plus conduct a vehicle road test, check cooling systems, and replace pollen filter
  • 3rd interval – 1st interval tasks, plus replace spark plugs
  • 4th interval – 1st and 2nd interval tasks, plus replace the air filter, belt for alternator, belt for water pump, and air conditioning compressor
  • 5th interval – 1st interval tasks
  • 6th interval – 1st and 2nd interval tasks, plus replace spark plugs

Maintenance Reminders

A service indicator will illuminate on your dash when service is due (or past due). It flashes for approximately five seconds.

Keep in mind, it’s important to stick to your recommended schedule. Missing appointments can cause undue wear and tear to your SUV. Failing to care for your SUV as prescribed can even void your warranty.

Maintenance Programs

Our prepaid maintenance programs make routine maintenance appointments as convenient as possible. By enrolling in a plan, we’ll ensure that your Maserati Levante gets the expert care it needs.

The plan guarantees fixed prices on labor costs and part replacements for the entire term. You can choose between Premium Service, Premium Service Plus, and Maserati Essential Service plans.

Reach out to our Maserati dealership in Pinellas Park, FL today to schedule your next service appointment. We look forward to speaking with you soon!